Sohoton In Bucas Grande

Bucas Grande

Appears as an emerald maze of inlets and verdant forests.

Sohoton Rock Formation and Lagoon

Sohoton Cove has 13 inland lakes, with three of these considered accessible. They’re all part of the Sohoton Ecotourism Park, which is covered by a Protected Landscape and Seascape fiat.

A One hour and a half travel time from General Luna to Sohoton by boat.From main entry point of Sohoton, a transfer is necessary from the large pumpboat to a smaller low paddle boat. This allows entrance, but only during low tide, through a cavern opening to get to the Hidden Lagoon.

Travel Hours:

1 hour and a half or depending on sea condition

Boat Rate:

Php 750.00 per person

Minimum of 6 people
Extra: Php 200.00 per person
Maximum Passenger: 10 people only

Whole day trip

Exclusions: Entrance Fee and Paddle boat

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