Land Tour

Pilar Magpupungku, about fifteen kilometers from Cherinicole Resort or Gen. Luna Town.

Around this rock face is a curious attraction: cool pools, ranging from two- to seven-feet deep, punctuate an otherwise shallow coral bed with often knife-sharp ridges.

The place is best during low tide, as one can have shallow pools which are best for swimming. It is named Magpupungku (squatting) after the rock which squats on a slab of stone ready to topple over.

During low tide this place would have looked like a swimming pool as the waters would not have overflowed beyond the edges.

This is Magpupungko when high tide.

This is Magpupungko when low tide.

From General Luna to Pilar: 45 minutes

Air Con Van:
RATE: Php 450.00 per person
Minimum of 6 people
Extra: Php 150.00 per person

Non-Air Con:
RATE: Php 400.00 per person
Minimum of 6 people
Extra: Php 100.00 per person
Maximum passenger: 10 people


Local Tourist: 20.00 per person
Foreign Tourist: 50.00 per person

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