Island Hopping


Sand is powdery white, and it has very large areas for swimming. Guyam’s swimming spots can be considered midgets when compared to Daku’s swimming area. The water’s color is a very tempting aquamarine blue and very warm.

Boat Rate:

Whole day trip for 3 islets (Maximum to 8 hours)
Php 1,500.00 Maximum of 6 people

To Daku: Php 800.00 per islet (for 4 hour trip)
To Naked: Php 900.00 per islet (for 4 hour trip)
To Guyam: Php 750.00 per islet (for 4 hour trip)

Capacity: 10 people only
Extra: Php 150.00 per person

Exclusions: Islet Entrance and Kubo Rental
Travel Time: 15 minutes from Cherinicole Resort to Guyam and from one Islet to another islet

Note: No Store available from these Islets. Bring something to eat and drink.

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